Thursday, July 23, 2009

Monday, July 20, 2009

Jimmy Carter is awesome.

He's leaving his church because of how it treats women and girls.

Say what you will about the man, he is no hypocrite.

Would that more public figures would follow. Shoot, would that *anyone* would follow. I just don't get why people tolerate -- let alone fork over their money to support -- the institutionalized misogyny in their religions.

People talk a lot about trying to change things from within. I would buy that line if things were, you know, changing.

Kudos to President Carter for voting with his feet. Thank you, sir.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

How do you feed a flock of kids in the summertime?

Make roughly a thousand peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, cut up a watermelon, and put it all outside the back door. Repeat as needed.

Life is good.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Hurrah for Johnny; Angie, not so much.

No, not Depp and Jolie. I'm just taking an opportunity to publicly dis, and publicly praise, a couple of restaurants.

Last month the Sandyshoes family spent a weekend in Mystic, CT. We usually head down there for the first weekend in June, which we chose because it's not too awfully hot yet, and with school still in session, the crowds are manageable. Our routine has been to get into town for dinner Friday night, settle in, then visit the Mystic Aquarium on Saturday morning. Always looking to avoid the high cost and poor nutrition of "attraction food," we bring a simple picnic lunch to eat in the grass near the car, then go back in to spend more time at any exhibits we feel we shortchanged in the morning. Then it's back to the hotel for some quiet time before we go out to dinner.

For a few years now we've been going to Angie's Pizza -- a very basic family restaurant, easy parking, large-portioned pasta dishes and the like. This year we ordered a pizza. And waited. And waited. And waited. And finally asked what was going on? We were told it was coming right out... and still we waited. And waited. Then our server came out and said, "I'm so sorry, but they just dropped your pizza..." ...and the girls burst into tears, and we got up to leave. But not before being charged $5.50 for a bowl of pale lettuce that they called a "garden salad." Now if you're in the restaurant business, do you keep customers waiting almost an hour for a pizza, then drop it, and still charge them for a pathetic salad? I didn't think so. We won't be back. It was adequate in years past, but not so great that it's worth recommending or returning to anymore.

Unfortunately, it was now later than we'd wanted to be out, and we were now quite hungry. Earlier that day we'd noticed a Chinese and Japanese restaurant, Johnny's Peking Tokyo, in a strip mall near our hotel. From the outside it didn't look like anything special, but Chinese food is usually pretty quick to come to table, so we gave it a shot. What a pleasant surprise. If you like sushi, there's a bustling sushi bar. But with the hungry, cranky girls to think about first, we opted for simple, familiar dishes... cold sesame noodles (people seem to love or hate these -- I love them a lot), steamed dumplings, chicken with garlic sauce. Everything was very tasty, and the service was fast and friendly. We'll be back, at a more leisurely pace and with a more adventurous spirit, menu-wise, though I'm not big on sushi. An odd little bonus: the place was playing Latin dance music. This made the Peanut very happy. We don't know who Johnny is, but we're grateful to him.

Thursday, July 09, 2009

Wait, what's this? I actually have a half hour to write?!

Well hello there! Summer is fully underway. Countdown enthusiasts will note that we're at T-57 days till school starts. Between piano lessons (mine and theirs), tennis lessons (mine), swimming lessons (theirs), playgrounds and play dates and various other activities -- including In Which The Bean Swallows a Nickel and We Go To The Hospital, and In Which I Dye My Hair An Alarming and Unintended Shade of Orange, and the popular favorite, In Which I Mow The Lawn Yet Again -- I've let blogging take a back seat for a while. But we are still here, and all is well, despite the rare screaming fit that gets one of us exiled to the deck in the rain.

Ah, the rain. I think I'm the only person on Cape Cod who truly savored our cool, cloudy June, and who is still loving the not-too-hot temperatures -- and occasional sun, even! -- in July. We haven't turned on the air conditioning even once! That's so great. I just don't get the craving for hot hot hot in summertime, though I could always use a brief dose of it midwinter.

Actually, summer in general can have me feeling a bit lonesome and out of sorts. It feels a bit like Christmas, in that everyone likes it except me, and I get to feeling even more out of place than usual. I especially dislike long days sitting at the beach, squinting under the searing sun and surrounded by littering tourists and their whining brats. No, thanks. You can have the beach in summertime. I'll wait till Labor Day.

In the meantime, there's lots of other cool stuff to do, and we're doing a fair bit of it and having a grand old time. Hope you're having a terrific summer too, whatever shape that takes for you!