Tuesday, March 10, 2015

In closing

Friends, "Noted and Blogged" has languished long enough with neither frequent updates nor an official closing. Here, then, is its official closing. I have loved this as a place to write about my lovely offspring in their earliest years... which, as everyone will tell you, Go By So Fast, so you must Treasure Every Moment. And they did, and I tried to, and we're all happy and well and at different stages now... which I will continue to write about elsewhere (please email thesandwichedlife at yahoo dot com, or contact me otherwise, if you are interested in where). 

Rest assured that while this particular blog is wrapping up, the tedious midlife crisis continues -- although I'm starting to wonder how long I can continue calling it "midlife" with an increasingly lined straight face. 

With my girls no longer little but not fully grown, my parents getting on in years, and my own self evolving as one does, I certainly have more to write. I hope you'll join me over at the new place. 

Whatever other changes occur, my shoes will still be sandy.

sandy shoes