Wednesday, July 30, 2008

hm, what? oh, right... hello there.

Ah. Nice to be back.

I have been totally immersed in Facebook. I'd had an account there a while ago, but suspended it due to lack of interest. Since then, it seems, almost everyone I know has gotten on board, so I recently reactivated my account... and have been unable to do anything else online for nearly two weeks. Fun though! I've reconnected with people I haven't been in touch with in 20 years.

As with all these kinds of things, I spend a lot of time on it at first and then taper off. I think my initial burst of activity there is subsiding and I can get back to bloggity-blogging. I'm dumping Twitter, though. Facebook status fills that niche for me.

Some observations, in the meantime:

I hate the name "cuil." Pronounced "cool"? "coo-will"? Whatever. I hate it.

Who the fuck cares what Jon Voight thinks? This is the best the Washington Times can recruit? Pffft. Also, I thought these were the same folks who routinely complain about "Hollywood elites" (whatever that means) spouting off political opinions. Go figure.

Sen. Ted Stevens, proponent of Alaska's famously expensive Bridge To Nowhere, has been indicted. Among other things, it appears that an oil contractor paid to remodel his house in exchange for some legislative influence. (Nice! We had to finish our own basement.) But the best thing about Stevens is still that he called the internet "a series of tubes." I love that. Love. That.


  1. If you run across my 14-year-old daughter, could you please tell her that it's time to bring her laundry back upstairs?

  2. I don't care if it is Angelina Jolie, George Clooney or Jack Nicholson. Their opinions aren't worth more than any other citizen's opinion. I get so tired of them saying things like, "Well, I realize that I am in the public eye and therefore should further the cause...."

    And the weird thing is that they are usually on the same side, have the same opinions that I do...but I think it is nervy that some actor or actress who never graduated high school thinks that they have something so enlightening to say simply because they play a doctor on television...