Tuesday, September 02, 2008

More Thoughts on Sarah Palin (during which my irony meter seriously overheats)

I'm going to need one of these in a minute.

First there's this:
Comments about how Sarah Palin ought not to run for VP because she should be taking care of her family -- are you kidding me? When does anyone tell a man he shouldn't strive for -- well, for anything, because there's a baby in the family? (So he's a "special needs" baby. Does this mean his mother is not entitled to pursue a powerful political career?) What nonsense. Of course it's not hard to believe people are saying Sarah Palin should get herself back in the kitchen -- it's so predictable it's utterly dull. But to hear it from people whose opinions I otherwise respect? from self-described feminists? burns my grits. Come ON. This is precisely why we ARE feminists, no?

Then this:
Gov. Palin states how proud their family is of "Bristol's decision to have her baby." Good for them! Truly! I'd be delighted to leave Bristol out of the political conversation altogether. She's young, and she didn't ask for her life to play out on a national stage, and she deserves her privacy. I would like to follow Barack Obama's example and take the high road, as he so often does.

However: this is a "decision" process that our anti-choice, would-be Vice President fully intends to deny anyone else, yes?

So wait just a damn minute. I think it's fair game to discuss whether or not Gov. Palin sticks to her beliefs when the issue is under her own roof.

Why is Bristol Palin on some sort of pedestal, while teenage mothers in, say, Gloucester Massachusetts are the bane of their community and have been basically derided as self-indulgent sluts?

And finally:
So, Gramma Palin, how's that abstinence-only sex education thing working out for your family? Could we maybe give reality-based, age-appropriate information a try for our own kids? Cause it looks like that might have better results. Just saying...


  1. On all counts: Amen Sista, Amen!

  2. My beef with Palin isn't that she's a mother of five or even that she has a special needs baby, although I do think those things would make it harder for her to do the job of VP than say, a woman with grown kids or a father of young kids. The problem is that she is completely unqualified for the job. When people bring up her kids or her role as a mother they are setting themselves up to be attacked by the right. There are so many legitimate reasons to be against her, let's stick to those and stay on the high road, shall we people. Also, I'm so pissed the way her pregnant daughter is being coddled by the same people who, when Juno was so popular, lambasted A FICTIONAL CHARACTER for glamorizing teen pregnancy? What's more glamorous than putting it front and center of the presidential campaign? It's ridiculous. (Plus, everytime I look at Sarah Palin, I think of Karen from Will & Grace and I just have to snicker... lol)

  3. You are so right.

    Is there a threshold number of children, I wonder, above which a woman is no longer entitled to her career?