Thursday, January 29, 2009

hakuna matata, baby

My Peanut is obsessed with The Lion King. (I myself had never seen it until about two weeks ago. It was a good long run -- but actually, as these things go, The Lion King isn't too bad. It's Hamlet! Sort of.)

When she is not watching The Lion King, the Peanut is pretending to be Simba. She doesn't want her hair in a ponytail because it "isn't a good mane" like that. She crawls around and roars a lot. Pride Rock is in our basement somewhere. The Bean gets home from school, and as soon as her homework's done, she has to be Nala.

When the Peanut isn't pretending to be Simba, she is singing this song:

In our house, lyrics get changed a lot. When I get sick of telling the girls to do something, I sing at them to do whatever it is. "Caaaaan you feeeeel the looooove toniiiiight" has already become "Yooooou must eeeeeat your suuuuupper nowwwww" and "Gooooo put yooooour pajaaaaamas onnnnn." and whatever else. "DON'T SING!" they holler. Well, kids, when you get done what needs to get done, I'll quit singing.

Desperate measures.

(Is it any wonder that as soon as they are in bed I head downstairs for a dose of The Sopranos? Fuck no.)


  1. ha! We do the same thing around here! Not to Lion King songs necessarily but to whatever pops into our heads. Drives my son nuts!

  2. I totally do that, especially when I am trying to get them to stay in bed at night after I say goodnight. They always come out once. So we sing opera "goodnight" alot. It helps. As for the lion king...I od'd on it a long time ago and prematurely threw it out. I don;t sing the songs anymore. Now it's Hannah Montana.

  3. I often sing when I want Liv to hurry up. It her.