Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I don't get it.

Roman Polanski drugged and raped a child.

Why is anyone -- ANYone -- upset that this is a serious punishable offense?

We're not talking blow-job-from-consenting-adult, censure and move on.

He drugged. And raped. A child.

Harrison Ford? Whoopi Goldberg? I love you both, but STFU.


  1. I agree its a really serious charge but why have the authorities left it so late. I feel very sorry for the victim who now must face all the media attention as well as the judiciary system and will no doubt suffer again.

  2. Hi Kiwimum!

    The victim has been dragged into the public eye every time this asshole genius got an award for something. It's no wonder she wants it to go away forever.

    But what kind of society doesn't punish people who rape children and then flee?

    Better late than never I say.

  3. I have said this long and loud, anyone who celebrates celebrity needs to have his head examined. There isn't a single celebrity that I can think of who is worthy of emulation. We need to get over them and fast they are sucking the life out of society.
    We have 13 yos who want to be just like them.