Sunday, May 09, 2010

Oh yes, I care enough.

Noted and Blogged is a sap-free zone on Hallmark holidays.

When you care enough to hit "send."


  1. Noted and Blogged is a sap-free zone on Hallmark holidays.

    Yeah, maybe so but did you get a Mothers Day Card. My wife waited to almost the end of the day for the call to come in from the 1st born--who is studying for final finals as she graduates next week. Her mood perceptably shifted down as the day progressed. Mom's day card from hubby--just didn't make it.When the call came , mood brightned, but then shifted to one of concern for Baby #1, who sounded stressed and down. 2nd Born went out to work at 8AM without so much as a Happy Mom's Day Mom--worked all day and came walking in the door late and dirty with a card and an Orchid plant--I could have kissed that 6'4" , 260 pound 18 year old lug on the spot, as he said to his Mom--Hey Mom, Dad thought I forgot--I could tell.
    My wife is no great fan of Sappy Hallmark Holidays, but even she likes a nod on Mother's Day.

  2. I did get some lovely hand-made Mothers' Day cards, and a painted shell, and a little flower, and all kinds of heartfelt creations. And they made me happy, as they always do.

    Your son sounds like a terrific guy -- like his Dad.