Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Well folks, summer on Cape Cod is lovely, and we've been having a thoroughly terrific time of it.  Even I have not been especially grumpy, which is really something considering all the summer things I usually find to be grumpy about.  Heat, humidity, crowds, mosquitoes, relentless searing sun, blah blah blah.  There has been all that, but for whatever reason none of it has bothered me overmuch. 

We've been to baseball games, town band concerts, and the County Fair; to birthday parties, family gatherings, and reading group meetings.  We've swum in the tidal creek, the lake, the ocean, and various pools. We rode bikes in the town parade on the Fourth of July.  We've had a steady stream of guests, and were even sad to see some of them go.  We've had lettuce, peas and beans from the garden, cookouts, campfires and s'mores in the backyard and at the beach, and picnics at the Cape Cod Canal, where we watch the boats go by as we eat our dinner. We caught the tail end of the World Cup and dreamed of stretching the word "vuvuzelas" across two triple word score squares. 

Oh all right, that last was just me.

Just this week, I have noticed that the girls are starting to get on each other's nerves earlier in the day than usual.  That I'm feeling less inspired to mow different patterns into the front lawn, and more inclined to flip off tailgating assholes from New York and Connecticut (New Jersey seems underrepresented this year) than move aside for them. 

I know I am nowhere near the end of my rope yet, but I can sense it starting to fray.  Hopefully a total unraveling can be avoided altogether, or will at least hold off until Mr. Sandy is back in town.  He is intensely, if not frantically (though I just heard him actually swear) preparing for a research cruise, and will shortly be away for a couple of weeks.  My shopping list for before his departure consists of non-drowsy formula Dramamine for him, red wine for me.

Stay tuned.

How's your summer going?


  1. It's not good when you are holding yourself together until hubby returns... when he hasn't even left yet! On behalf of all of the tailgating Connecticut drivers... I offer a smile and wave and a sincere "Sorry!". I won't do it again!

  2. Hi Tina! I think maybe I am holding myself together *because* he hasn't left yet ;).

    Smile and a wave back!

  3. Summer here in Jersey is great, 40 days of above 90, and only half way through. Our 90 degrees comes with 90% humidity.Hotter here than in Fla. neighbor who wintered over in Fla, went back said too hot here. I got a dog last year, a Border Collie, so I walk 5 miles a day, so I have been wet and sweaty for two solid months. Wife laughed at me when I stopped at store to buy new kind of underwear. Hey, I went swimming 2X, the water in lake was 90 degrees. Got heat exhaustion one day, the day my wife made me do yard work all day, pulse down to 49-potassium dropped out.Dr. tells me I am not as young as I used to be, wife tells me I am acting like and old man. But hey, I get a week on Cape Cod end of month, can't wait to tailgate some locals and make them all crazy. A/C running 24/7, except in car where it died right on schedule June 1. Daughter who graduated college in May, finally decided to awaken from her slumber to take license exam and maybe start looking for job. Mentioned possible retirement for me in 10 years at age 70 and she said Boston College thanks you. Cooking on grill, sitting on porch, hope to open one of those summer beers sometime soon and just sip it. Hope to wet a line and catch a fish, I'll toss him back but still.
    Watched some 30 somethings play softball, nostalgic feelings sent me home. Son has job for summer, many of his buds do not. So it is good.

  4. My summer has been dreamy, thanks for asking.