Tuesday, December 28, 2010


We've been back about a week, and it is great. We arrived in the height of last week's snowstorm (which nobody remembers, after this week's). You know how houses have smells, and you don't notice the smell of your own house unless you've been away? I was relieved to notice that ours smells mostly like... wood. In a nice way, I think. I guess. Anyway the girls went beserk, running around remembering stuff and hollering their discoveries at each other: "LOOK! The play house! The piano! The PINK TOILETS!" (Yes, we have pink toilets... the house was built in the 80s, and we've had more important improvements to make since we bought it in '00, but the pink toilets are SO on our list.) They were especially happy to get in their own little beds. They liked sharing a room out west, but neither of them says they will miss sharing a bed. Evidently the Bean steals the covers.

In the morning we went right to the service station to address the tire pressure warning light that, along with the icy roads, had me stressed out all the way home the day before. I'd put air in the tires, but it kept coming back on. I've been assured that the tires weren't dangerously low and that those warning lights are more trouble than help. It hasn't come on since, so I'm happy to forget all about it.

We next hit the post office to pick up our mail and notify them to resume delivery (incidentally, if you've got an ongoing home improvement project - and who doesn't? - ask the post office for a change of address packet. Inside is a coupon for 10% off at Lowe's, which can be a fair bit if the project is enormous, as ours tend to be. There, don't say Noted & Blogged never gave you anything), and -- what was this sentence about? Oh yes -- then stopped for lunch at The Bee-Hive Tavern. I can't make up my mind about that place. The food is always good, but sometimes I don't get a particularly friendly vibe there, especially if I have the girls along, which I both understand (lots of kids behave badly in restaurants) and resent (mine don't, and I'd appreciate the benefit of the doubt, at least at the front door).

On to the grocery store, which, of course, has been significantly reconfigured in our absence, and will take longer to get through till I've got the new pattern down. We were almost done when the Bean just completely crashed. Out of the blue she said "Mommy I feel terrible," and had a distinct fever. We left right away to get her to bed.

Rest and ibuprofen had her on the mend, but not well enough to go to school on the 23rd. The Peanut was raring to go, though. The last thing she'd done at her west coast school, on the day before winter break there, was wear pajamas to school and watch The Polar Express. She was ecstatic to learn that on the last day before winter break here, her class would be doing the same. Must be a nationwide 1st grade tradition. So she put on her PJs with cupcakes on them, and off we went.

After school she said she was glad to be with her old friends again, but that "it felt like I was famous, and I didn't really like that." I guess they made a huge fuss of her, because the Peanut seems like someone who would dig fame. Anyway that's much better than having her feel lost in the shuffle. She also reported, in detail, what everyone else had on their pajamas. Kids are really interested in other kids' pajamas. I'm sure her classmates went home and told their parents the Peanut has cupcake pajamas.

All in all, getting settled in has not gone as smoothly as I'd hoped. The snow, the girls being sick (the Peanut has since come down with what ailed the Bean), a couple days in a row of constant sibling bickering that had me fit to lose my ever-lovin' mind, unpacking, laundry, a newly broken dishwasher door, and trouble getting to sleep before 2:00 AM... I'm tired. Really tired. And there is still our postponed Christmas -- not my favorite holiday even under normal circumstances -- to prepare for.

The big picture, though, is all good. We are safe, sound, and content -- and tomorrow, we are leaving the house No Matter What. (Please melt, please melt, please melt.)

Oh! Before you go, because you were doubtless wondering, here is the cheesiness that was in my head yesterday:

Today's earworm is a distinct, a-u-t-omatic improvement I think. I love me some artist-formerly-known-as, and boy, did I play this album a lot in its day. This "video" is just the song playing to a still of the album cover, but you get the song anyhow.


  1. I love you for admitting that you are not a huge fan of Christmas. Neither am I and I get so sick of all that studied Christmas cheer lurking everywhere.

    Studded with fakery, it is.

    And NEVER apologize for liking a cheesy song now and then. I am a huge Lee DeWyze fan and my partner (who has multiple music degrees and therefore calls herself an expert) reminds me continually that he is "nothing special, a coffee house singer."

    And then I read that he is dating the model who played his love interest in his "Sweet Serendipity" video and I felt betrayed. HOW DARE he not come to the prairie and rescue me. I had all these plans about him sweeping his cougar mama off her feet! I will ONLY admit to you that I even went to her twitter account and read her sappy musing about her boyfriend and rolled my eyes.

    And seriously, all this sweetery in the house needs to go. I am getting fat as a pig.

  2. Tire warning light--remember the spare. Every time if comes on in my car, the tire with the low pressure is the spare.

    Christmas and New Years the pump before the dump. What is the dump, that realization that the next Holiday is Memorial Day, the coldest days of winter lie ahead and all that.

  3. Oh my. That music video (CoMH).... Totally loved that song in the day. Clearly, It's time for another iTunes guilty pleasure purchase!

    And yes, Christmas. Sigh. Used to love it. Now it has become... less enjoyable. So. Much. Unacknowledged. Work. When it involves thinking up, buying and wrapping (and in some cases shipping) presents for about thirty people, it's an enormous job. So terribly glad that it only comes once a year....