Thursday, January 06, 2011


Predictably, I have come down with some version of the illness that the girls had during their school vacation.

I know there are a lot worse things to be suffering from than a sore throat, but damn. I have the worst sore throat I can ever remember. It feels like someone's been at it with a cheese grater.

Drinking hot tea, sucking ice chips or throat drops, gargling salt water - none of it is much relief. Ibuprofen is some help, I guess, because when it wears off during the night I wake up crying. Boo-hoo, me.

More bad news: Swallowing is exceedingly painful, and I'm hungry, goddammit.

Been to the doctor, got antibiotics, so I'm hoping this starts to feel better fast. In the meantime I am canceling appointments, skipping meetings, and communicating via notepad and pencil. It is funny how people whisper or pantomime back to me, even though there's no reason for them to.

On the up side, I feel caught up on sleep.


  1. Zinc, zinc, zinc--I used it last bout, saved me i am convinced. Antibiotics for a cold---big no no--don't do it unless Dr. diagnosed strep. My wife had similar, went to bronchitis , coughed so much her back went into spasm. Dr. gave her muscle relaxers--she now doesn't care about the cough--just give me a few more muscle relaxers.

  2. Sadly, it is strep. I don't like using antibiotics for no good reason.

    Muscle relaxants, though, can make for a pleasant sleep! I had some prescribed after hurting my back lifting a drunken elderly neighbor off my lawn.

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