Tuesday, March 01, 2011

From the department of unfortunate street names

A man was shot to death in Hyannis on Sunday night.  This is, of course, awful, if not out-of-the-blue awful; the man had reportedly been involved in an earlier shooting of someone else, and drug trafficking is possibly involved.

(What, you thought Cape Cod was some kind of haven?  Sadly, no - though murder is pretty rare.)

In any event, for me, the shooting is made more cringe-worthy by the name of the street on which it occurred:  Fresh Holes Road.



  1. You had to add the ouch ? I looked and read the story, yeah I know morbid curiosity. I had too, and I hate it when I find a 31 year old dead, even if they are scumbags they deserve the chance to right themselves.

  2. Yeah, "ouch" was probably, well, overkill.

  3. Bearses Way, right? =(

    There are the weirdest names here... "Noisy Hole Road", for one?