Wednesday, October 12, 2011

This one goes to '11

In amateur rock bands where individual egos trump balanced sound, often one musician will nudge up the volume on his amp, and in a few minutes another one will do it too, and not to be outdone a third pushes his over the volume of the others, leading the first one to realize he's not loudest any more and crank it up, etc., until everyone is at max volume and nobody can even stand to be in the same room anymore. You expect kids in garage bands to behave this way.

Same thing in Presidential primary elections. Florida moved up its primary more than a month, to January 31st (why?). South Carolina and Nevada had to follow suit (why?) and moved theirs to January 14. Iowa is having its caucus on January 3 (why?). New Hampshire's Secretary of State is now saying he'll move their primary into December 2011 if necessary to maintain first-in-the-nation status and comply with a NH state law that says theirs has to happen a full week before anyone else's (WHY?).

This is so flippin' stupid, and I haven't even gotten into the candidates, about whom humorist Andy Borowitz quips "there are people running for President I would not trust to park my car." Hm. Probably best I don't get into the candidates, except to say that Mitt Romney's inevitability train now appears to be leaving the station before the calendar year is even over.

This is so depressing I may forget to complain about the Christmas decorations already up in department stores.


  1. I usually don't have to deal with Christmas until the day after Halloween. And then I am all sad sack when the decorations come down on January 2nd.

    I am hard to please, just ask Bing.

    I am at a loss about Mitt. I keep seeing all these Mormon commercials lately too. The ones where they are basically telling you that they are just like everyone else. Frankly, it feels like a Mitt commercial to me.

  2. The best commercial for Mormonism is that smarmy whackjob with his "Sister Wives" on TV, the Mormons are out to get him and that is good enough for me.
    Wife says: I want to get started on Christmas Shopping --Says this to me last week-- What would you like.Answer Nothing---Now you are done. Let's hop a flight in February to Fla for Presidents Weekend, shopping dilema over, I get what I want and it is something I can use. And I don't have to see a single Mall Decoration.

  3. Last nights was even worse. I thought Testosterone Christian Rick Perry (of Ken Doll look) was going to punch the Mormon right out of the park, cause he is not Christian and he is prettier than Rick. Ron Paul remains too dangerous for CNN to even show to the public, Newt on the rise cause third time is the charm. Christine is going down. Herman remains the dark horse. Puns fully intended to be humorous, not offensive. Herman would agree with me.

  4. Endlessly curious about the ways people choose to live, I read that smarmy whackjob's book. I haven't seen any of their TV appearances, but it doesn't surprise me that you characterize him thusly. It's a strange book. No doubt the Mitt supporters among mainstream Mormons are less than delighted about the timing of its release. Cue more of the Mormon commercials Maria's been seeing.

    Testosterone Christian - heh.