Monday, March 12, 2012

Hands up all who'd rather save sleep than daylight.

I do not appreciate Daylight Saving Time, and not only because of everyone calling it Daylight "Savings" time all over the place, as if I need another thing to correct.  The semi-annual sleep adjustment is a little burr under the saddle I'd rather have removed, is all.  I just want to leave time the hell alone. 

Even the Bean needed waking up this morning. She's usually up before anyone, and on her most helpful days, she makes breakfast, puts the water on for my tea, and lays out all the ingredients for me to make lunch for her and her sister. That Bean is awesome. You tell her she's awesome, and she says, "I know," but you can tell she's trying not to grin.

I think maybe this will be my new candidate litmus test. Promise me you'll do away with time changes... I don't care whether we stick with daylight saving or standard time, just pick one and don't change it... and you have my vote.

That, and don't appoint any more wacky originalists to the Supreme Court, ok?  OK.


  1. Hmmm. Well... To be contrare, I'm a early to rise, late to bed person, which means I can fiddle with the computer in the dark, in the morning and stay out late flyfishing in the summer, where I need to see what I'm doing in the great outdoors... Sorry :)

  2. I envy you the ability to burn it at both ends... short sleepers have all the fun!

  3. God, I detest daylight savings. Bing ADORES it. Loves having it stay light later. I know it sounds crabby of me, but I LIKE it to get dark outside around 6 p.m. I get annoyed when it is 9 p.m. and still fairly light outside in July. And when Liv was little, it was tough getting her to bed before then. Someone (probably some scientist type) told me that if we didn't use daylight savings, we would end up with our days really fucked up in about 10 years time. Well, I say..SO WHAT? Let's fix it then, why mess everything up now?

  4. Ha, I blogged the very same subject on Monday. Great minds and all that, but now it is Friday and we are still adjusting to the change. My wife is with you, stop screwing around with it. She was so lagged, she actually had to take a few hours off on Wednesday. I am almost back to normal. If the sun shines tomorrow it will help push me over the hump.

  5. The first couple days are not fun... but I do love those long, lingering evenings...