Saturday, June 07, 2014

Just lucky, I guess.

So I've been writing professionally, a little bit.

A very little bit. Nothing Mr. Sandyshoes can quit his day job over. But it's a start.

And what do people say, when they ask what I do for work, and I tell them that I write? An astonishing number say something like "hey, how do I get hooked up with a gig like that? Because I could write, too."

Am I alone in finding this to be pretty rude? Actually, the rudest thing someone said was "oh wow, that sounds sooo boring!" I don't know what that person does professionally, if anything. I'm going to assume she's a glider pilot, or a spy, or something.

Some of these people probably can write. Most of them probably can't. I don't know and don't care. I'm just a bit amused at having dipped my little toe into a profession, felt some pride at having my work pretty well-received, and now finding that all of a sudden everyone I talk to could do it just as well as I can, if only they had the time/inclination/connections.

I suspect writers hear this sort of thing a lot.

Here's what I don't say, in response:
"Well geez, how do I get hooked up with a gig like yours? Because I could sell houses/run toddler playgroups/manage an office, too."

What I do say:
"Oh, just lucky, I guess."

(Couldn't be, y'know, working at it. That's crazy talk.)

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  1. I envy those who can write. I hope you write here once in awhile. Can't begin to tell you the number of times I have checked with disappointment to find no new post on your blog. Hope all is well.