Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I'm trying, really I am.

Another heavy gray day -- basically dark by 4:00 PM, again.

There are so many stupid little things I have to get done; even with no paying day job, I have not much opportunity (or motivation, frankly) to do them.

My calendar is full of one obligatory event after another. Not that any one of these is unpleasant... actually, they're mostly all fun... but they are obligatory, and they are one after another after another.

Sort of a manic treadmill o'fun. Which, you know, isn't.

Christmas cards are rolling in, and instead of delight at the greetings they represent, I feel the weight of obligation to take the Christmas photo and get my own cards ordered, written, addressed, sent.

Merry, merry, fa la la...

... this really, really isn't my favorite time of year.

I'm trying hard not to say out loud that I hate it... but I do.

(Yes, I know the real Meaning of Christmas isn't about any of the stuff that I hate. But since it seems Jesus was actually born in June, I'd happily dump all the crap that has to happen in December.)


  1. I hear ya.

    But I like the holiday days themselves, just not all the bullshit leading up to them.

  2. Well, you don't seem like a material woman, but you should have Mr. Sandyshoes watch this just for fun:

  3. I admit to being a total scrooge about Christmas cards. I spend an entire two evenings writing them out and even to me, they seem falsely cheerful and stupid.

    WHY do I do this?

  4. me too. i am tired of this dreariness. I used to send out 200 cards. Now I send about 25 mostly to family. Happy Holiday!

  5. What I do that helps my SAD (a little, but every little bit helps) is to sit in front of a 500 Watt quartz-halogen work lamp from Home Depot while I eat breakfast.

    When I got it the price was about $10. I like quartz-halogen better than fluorescent because it is broad spectrum (from a thermal source not from phosphors). It isn't known what part of the spectrum is important, the infra red might be important too.