Monday, December 01, 2008

Words and Phrases Forbidden for 2009

I'm going to think of more, but it's not too soon to get started. What words or phrases should we ditch with the year 2008?

(Granted, some of these should've been banned in 2008 or earlier, but have stuck around like Owen Wilson in You, Me and Dupree.)

1. "threw up in my mouth a little"
or any of its revolting equivalents

2. "baby bump"
This has caused me to bring back the phrase "gag me," which was originally and righteously banned sometime in the late 1980s.

3. "[media, Hollywood, anything] elites"
Oh, please.

4. "purity ball"
Let's ban the phrase, the events, the pretext... the whole creepy concept, shall we?

5. "beeyotch," "biaaatch," &c.
Quit it. Just... quit it.

OK, that's my first five. More to come. Add your own!


  1. "Could care less" It's "couldn't care less," dammit.

  2. I am hoping that snowmobile elite Todd Palin takes Willow to the Purity ball because that other little beeyotch already has a baby bump, which makes me throw up in my mouth a little.

  3. Paul wins.

    But I was also thinking that a cease and desist order on the "elitist" thing would be appropriate.

  4. MILF. Should be banned. At once. I fucking hate that word.

    Soccer mom/hockey mom. Why are moms defining themselves by what sport their children play?

    And I think I'm a little in love with caprice. The would of/should of/could of crew drive me insane, too. But that's not really a phrase so much as lazy speaking. Lazy and WRONG.

  5. What the H is a purity ball? Guess I missed something! Oh, well.

  6. Hiya Silver Fox! Here's wikipedia on purity balls:

    Briefly, it is a(n exceedingly creepy) formal event at which daughters pledge to their fathers that they will remain virgins until they marry, and fathers pledge to protect their daughters' virginity until it is entrusted to their husband.