Monday, March 02, 2009

I tell ya, there's a quiz for EVERYTHING

What are your chances of getting a tapeworm?

h/t: The Presurfer


  1. Mine was 24% - probably because I like my beef still mooing. It should twitch when I poke it with the fork. Though I do cook pork until it is shoe leather after a childhood of hearing how undercooked pork would kill me. I suppose I should try to find a happy medium (rare).

    I also didn't say "always" regarding washing my hands, but only because on a VERY RARE occasion I will skip washing my hands in certain public restrooms where it appears that attempting to wash my hands will just expose me to even more disgusting things.

  2. My BIL says he likes a steak "so rare a good vet could still cure it."

    I can't seem to help overcooking pork either.

  3. Zoikes! 28% Wonder what it was that kicked me up there like that? Perhaps a love of sushi?

  4. how random is that? did anyone make money creating this? ha ha.