Friday, April 17, 2009

Back AWAY from the steak knives.

I am dropping EVERYTHING lately.

I'm not normally like this. I'm not the most coordinated person ever, but if you throw me a ball, I'm more likely to catch it than not. I generally don't drop stuff more often than the next guy. But the past few days have been messy.

Among other things, I dropped (broke, and spilled) a huge bottle of juice in the checkout at Trader Joe's. I knocked over my own (full, natch) glass of water at the table. I spilled the Peanut's vitamins all over the kitchen floor.

This reminds me of an article I read as a kid, about "biorhythms." I have no idea where I came across it. Did my mother subscribe to Psychology Today? Was it in a magazine in someone's waiting room? Who knows. All I remember is that it said that we supposedly each have emotional, intellectual, and physical cycles, with peaks and valleys (think sine wave). When you have a few days like I'm having, during which everything you pick up seems to be making an independent effort to crash to the floor, it's an indication that your physical biorhythm is at its "critical point," and it's not an optimum time to attempt, say, brain surgery.

It's all crap, of course. People have emotional, intellectual, and physical up days and down days for any number of reasons, but (hormonal cycling aside) the idea that they would be spaced on some kind of predictable frequency based on... what, anyway?... and starting at birth, is hooey.

Still, the phrase cracks me up now as it did then. "I'm sorry, but I probably shouldn't _____. My physical biorhythm is at its critical point."

Needless to say I won't be handling any sharp objects until I can make it across the kitchen with a few more glasses of water. Sheesh.


  1. I think that my biorhythms are always at some critical place...

  2. I, too, have noticed certain times when I can't seem to handle anything without making a mess of it. The other day was like that when I dumped an entire bowl of jambalaya on the floor, dropped a couple of pills down the sink, and tripped coming up the stairs.

    I'm convinced that these episodes align with a quarter moon. My wife thinks they have more to do with my blood alcohol content, but I think I'll stick with the moon thingy.

  3. Oh, I did a lot of that when I was pregnant. Mostly because my hands were swollen up to Mickey Mouse size.