Friday, November 27, 2009

Y'all are NUTS.

I have a crazy number of friends... by which I mean, way more than one... who WILLINGLY got up and went Christmas shopping before 6:00 this morning with crowds of other insane people. They did this on purpose! They were happy about it!

I'm sorry, but to my mind, something is really, really wrong with that.

Me? I slept late, played some board games, made turkey soup, listened to some Monty Python songs, watched some Marx Brothers, watched some rain out the window, watched some James Bond. Laid low, took it easy. Wouldn't change a thing.

Do you do the Black Friday madness? Do you like it? Please to explain.


  1. they don't call it "madness" for nothing, i suppose :)

  2. I know one person who did this, and I have lost all respect. History has taught me that this loss of respect means that I'll find myself up before 6 a.m. and shopping on Black Friday in a few years. Maybe even next year. I just learned the term Black Friday a couple of days ago ... that's what two decades of no TV will do to a person. Black Friday, huh? What is that??

  3. (I made that up). That's how I do it and it's usually done on but not always. Let the fingertips do the walking while sipping wine and watching movies in front of the fire. Ya know?

  4. What is zis thing you call .... 'ow you say ... 'Black Friday'?

    Fortunately ... (crosses fingers) we dont have such a Nonsensical ... uh ^^H^H^H^H^H I mean opportunity to communally enjoy the Retail Expeience


  5. Thanksgiving Weekend is broken down into:
    Wednesday Travel Crazy Day
    Thursday --Thanksgiving, eat be thankful
    Friday--Black Friday the day on which retailers traditionally went into the "Black" or profit, when people shopped for Christmas presents to start the season, now that profit day comes around 12/24 and people start Christmas Shopping when the decorations go up --now around Labor Day
    Miserable Saturday--The day when all your invited stay over guest really start to get on your nerves and make you miserable. The whiny neices/nephews the BIL or SIL who won't lift a finger and drinks the last lager--the misery index is dangerous for the risk is that something will happen to forever damage relationships, usually it is the BIL looped on the last lager who gets a little grabby, causing hubby to smack him--lots of screaming and yelling maybe the police. Be real careful on SAT.
    Relief Sunday--The day they all leave much to your relief or if you are staying over you get to go home much to your relief.
    The entire weekend is NUTS--not just one day.