Friday, December 04, 2009

NY Senator Diane Savino speaking truth to power

A disappointing vote by the New York State Senate. Who'd have thought that New York and Maine would have so much to learn from Iowa?

But here's hoping we haven't heard the last of Diane Savino:


  1. I hope she is able to find true love, p;erhaps with a pedicab driver.

  2. Yesterday in NJ, the foes and friends of Gay marriage met in Trenton to sway the senate. On that afternoon I was in the hospital with a man I have known for 30 years, watching him die and I was trying to talk him into going to hospice. He drank himself to death, he is 60, he never married, his 90 year old mother wants nothing to do with him. I am not real close to him, but I am as close to a friend as he has. He is mentally ill,and has been for as long as I have known him-thus the self medication. I was struck low with a pervasive sadness for his sad life. Never worked, never left home,never married,no friends or lover, intelligent, but difficult. I shall prepare his funeral and close up his affairs. I used to joke with my wonderful wife that he had it made, his father left him a stout inheritance. I used to kid about. the luxury of not working. I who have slaved for my kids would not trade places for a minute for I have been loved. I wish that every lonely person in the world can be loved, gay or straight--get over it folks and let these people live.

  3. Anon, you are a good and true friend. I'm sorry for your loss and the responsibilities you have now. Take especially good care of yourself while you're sad.