Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Unenrolled, not yet voted, and never so popular as I am right now.

I will not enroll in either of our nation's major political parties. This makes me very popular at election times.  By the way, we're having an election in Massachusetts today, had you heard?

Over the past few days I have had three phone calls from an organization called SEIU that I neither belong to nor know much about.  Some kind of union.  Its representatives have ranged from insulting to gracious.  I have had two phone calls from the American Federation of Teachers, to which Mr. Sandyshoes, a university prof, belongs by default, and whose unread publications fill our recycling basket.  I've had two robo-calls from Scott Brown, and two from his daughter, whose opinion matters -- why?  One robo-call from Martha Coakley, and one call from a live person from her campaign.  I'm polite to live callers from campaigns; most of them seem like nice people.  I've had two robo-calls from Bill Clinton, one from Joe Biden, one from Therese Murray, President of our State Senate, and one from Vicky Kennedy, the late Senator's widow. 

I had a robo-call from the President of the United States.  Him, I put on speakerphone so the girls could hear.  Were he an actor (pause here for Republican snickering), I'd pay to hear him read the phone book.  Him, and Patrick Stewart, and possibly Alan Rickman.  Still, I don't like it when the POTUS makes calls like this.

I had a shameless, repugnant, anti-choice push poll call from Scott Brown supporters.  Of all the calls I received, none could have swayed my vote, had I still been undecided, except this one -- and not in the direction they'd have liked.  

I must say I've enjoyed the resurrection of Scott Brown's nude photo shoot for Cosmopolitan magazine, from back when he was a law student.  Seriously, I have no problem with that. Except, had Martha Coakley posed similarly in her grad school days, does anybody doubt her career would've been finished before it started?  So wait, maybe I have a big problem with that.

I'm headed out now to vote for Martha Coakley and urge you to do the same, if you can.  Looking forward to sinking into obscurity again on my return home. 

Mr. President, you may, as always, call to consult on other matters, but on this, I am done hearing from you, ok?  OK.

Edited to add:  two more calls from Scott Brown and one from Martha Coakley's sister, I think?  (again, whose opinion matters -- why?) since I posted the above.   Sheesh!  Mere hours now till this is all over either way. 


  1. It must be tough to be so popular among all the phoners. Being from far away, but converted by Bush II to becoming a yellow dog Democratc I'm sure you made the right choice. :)

  2. You have no idea how Mr. Brown has ignited the people through the land. Mr. Obama, my brother can not buy a truck, he is 60 years old and he lost his job 6 months ago. None of our family drinks from the public trough. You had me for awhile, but I got tired of your teleprompted ways, I will take Scott Browns speaking from the heart any day. Anon in NJ, another blue state--where as you know we elected Christie Gov.