Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Don't hate me because I'm beautiful

Hot damn, folks, the lovely caprice bellefleur, author of caprice's glob ("not just for the dyslexic"), has honored me with a "Beautiful Blogger" award, which I am delighted to accept despite not feeling particularly beautiful of late.  Sometimes it's good to be wrong.  Thank you, caprice!

Some responsibilities come with this honor:
  1. Thank the person who chose me -- check.
  2. Link to her site -- done.
  3. Put the award on my blog -- voila.
  4. List seven interesting things about myself -- done, without warranty, expressed or implied.
  5. Choose seven other people to be Beautiful Bloggers -- fo' shizzle.

Seven (arguably not so) interesting things about me (with apologies to longtime readers if I have mentioned these things before): 

1.  It calms me to put things in alphabetical or numeric order.  "Shelf reading" at libraries -- going through a shelf of books and reordering them as needed -- puts me into a sort of trance.

2.  Sometimes I crave silence so much that conversation seems almost to cause physical pain.  I was talking about this with some friends last night (most unpainfully), and I'm relieved to know I'm not alone in this. 

3.  I have an M.S. in Geology.  The longer ago it gets, the more strange this fact seems to me.  I was never especially good at geology, though I loved it, and the field trips were awesome, and geologists are some of the coolest people in the whole wide world.

4. I'm a little bit good at a lot of things, but sometimes I wish I had one big talent, y'know?

5.  I once punched a Coast Guard cadet in the face, knocking him right to the ground.  He deserved it. 

6.  I follow more celebrity goings-on than you'd think.  Can you believe it, about Tim Robbins and Susan Sarandon?   

7.  I went to summer camp as a teenager and despite behaving badly enough to almost get kicked out more than once, I remember being there as some of the best times of my life.  I wish I could take back some of the stupid stuff I did, but whachagonnado.

Here are some people I'd nominate as Beautiful Bloggers.  (Don't do the award thingy if you don't want to, folks, just consider yourselves admired!)

Maria of Just Eat Your Cupcake is a distinctly beautiful blogger with a distinctly beautiful blog.

Major Bedhead and This New Place are two of my favorite blog reads, and beautiful bloggers, both.

Can I just say here how lovely it is to feel connected to your lives and stories even though we've not even met?  If any of you stopped blogging -- well, don't make me come over there. I'd miss you, is all.  And if it feels weird that I say that, just ignore me and keep on typing.

Jill of Charming and Delightful should add "beautiful" to her many accolades.

Sue of As Cape Cod Turns is a beautiful blogger on a beautiful peninsula.

I don't think Mon of My Montana Blu reads this blog anymore, but she should consider herself a beautiful blogger regardless.

And seventh?  You, babe.  You're looking especially beautiful in this light.

There now... still hate me?


  1. Oh, thank you! I'll post it up tomorrow as I've kind of flooded my blog for the day.

  2. And to think that I knew you when you were only getting pissed off at the ditto heads over on the now defunct Cape Cod Times Forum. Seriously, a well deserved compliment and award. Downside, now I have to check out all the others you mentioned. Anonymous in NJ

  3. Aw...thank you. And right back at you.