Sunday, October 17, 2010

3rd grade homework

One of the Bean's current assignments is to "begin saving some interesting items from your recycling box!"  Evidently next week they will "create something" from these "interesting items."

I hope and trust that further guidance will follow, or I will be forced to conclude that third grade teachers just like fucking with parents from time to time. Not that I could blame them.

Mr. Sandyshoes is the one with the family full of artists; this is totally his jurisdiction.  Naturally, he is away this week. 

Ugh.  I always hated doing shit like this in school. Styrofoam ball solar systems, shoe box dioramas of life in a covered wagon, ugh, ugh, UGH.  Whenever possible, I chose the essay option.  I would rather have written a 30 page report on the history of the space program than create a single aluminum foil spaceship.

Also, what "interesting" is there in the recycling bins?  It looks to me like she's going to have to make something largely out of wine bottles.  I'll do my part by making sure she has enough of them.


  1. Ouch! Well actually I can relate. While babysitting for my 6 yr. old grandson as his parents were off to Ethiopia on an adoption mission, I was required to help me make a poster board display and prepare a written 6 page report with all the trappingof a PhD thesis. Seriously. Oh an later a ten minute oral presentation on Parent Night of same. Seriously. :)

  2. Can you use wine bottles like you would sodapop bottles to create a tornado? If so, I think it is only fair that you make enough recycled wine bottles for the whole class so that none of the kids get jealous...