Sunday, February 26, 2012

So, how are you enjoying public office?

I always said I wouldn't write here about the particulars of serving on the local School Committee (= School Board, in most states), and these days that's probably a better idea than ever. Still, because many people ask me this in passing... let's just say "enjoy" is the wrong verb. "Regret" is the wrong verb as well, for the record. "Endure" is a strong candidate. Oh, I jest! But it can be frustrating.

It's wrecked my blog, for one thing. I don't give time to blogging any more, and I don't feel free to write publicly about a lot of the things that occupy my (admittedly limited) mental real estate these days. What's left? Who wants to read a post about what an unusually mild winter we're having? Nobody, that's who. If Daniel Craig himself called me up and wanted to talk about what an unusually mild winter we're having, I might hang up the damn phone.

Still, I can't bring myself to take Noted and Blogged down. I love some of the pieces I've posted here, I did enjoy (sometimes it is the right verb!) my intermittent writing hobby, and someday I hope to again.


  1. You say "endure" with tongue at least a bit in cheek, but I know you're discouraged.

    You're doing a better job than maybe you think, yknow.

  2. Someday you'll be back, I'm sure. BTW, how're you doing with this mild winter we're having?

  3. Teachers picketing and commenting to the papers while you guys don't say a thing? You're not the only ones frustrated.

  4. Don't take the blog down. you write really well and your kids will lvoe it someday

  5. Don't take it down, I make myself do it. When I am gone, I am going to make sure my wife, and children know where to look for it. And sometimes I just need to talk to myself and that is where I do it.

  6. Obviously, the Truthmaker hasn't found your URL yet !! Hang in there!!

    1. Oh, I'm hangin'! Not much for the Truthmaker to say over here :-).