Monday, May 07, 2007


This weekend's other movie was Firewall, with Harrison Ford as a Seattle bank's online security manager whose family is held captive by a group of guys who will kill them if Ford's character doesn't hack his own setup and wire transfer a gazillion $ into their offshore account.

It's completely formulaic, and been done before in slightly different flavors (e.g. Hostage, with Bruce Willis as a cop whose family was held captive by a group of guys who would kill them if he didn't blah blah blah whatever). The point, of course, is Harrison Ford, who must be seen in everything he does since he first appeared before my young eyes in a Mos Eisley bar (I'm not even that ashamed).

He delivers as expected. There's nothing especially terrific or awful about this movie. It's definitely suspenseful; if anything, the tension isn't broken often enough. So I give it a heartfelt "eh, could've been worse."

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  1. The problem with "Firewall," however, was that it never quite let you off the edge of your seat. Don't get me wrong - I like suspense as much as the next guy. But being on that kind of edge, where the safety of kids is concerned (parents can probably identify), is a bit much for 2 full hours (or however long it was). A little bit of a break from the imminent peril would have been nice.