Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Different bedrooms, different worlds

Why the Bean is awake in the middle of the night: "I was thinking about how the Earth can make a shadow on the moon, so I wanted to see if I could see that."

Why the Peanut is awake in the middle of the night: "The doggie on my bed won't stop playing games and talking to me even though I tell her not to."


  1. Kid toys can drive one crazy during the night. I was sleeping in my daughter's room after she had a nightmare when at about 3 a.m., something began talking. It was intermittant and annoying as all get out. No way I could sleep with that and I was afraid Girl would wake as well. I finally found it in the toy box and it turned out that nothing was sitting on it or anything, the batteries were dying. So I had to find a screwdriver to remove the batteries at 3 a.m. so everyone could sleep. Aaagh!

    Or is the doggie on Peanut's bed imaginary? If so, never mind.

  2. Give yourself a pat on the back for not throwing that thing out the window!

    Peanut's doggie is just a regular stuffed animal, but she has a voice she uses for it. So she says it talks to her when really she's being herself ("go to sleep, doggie!") and the doggie voice ("I want to play!").

    Tonight, she's playing with her lambie. We'll see if lambie "lets" her sleep...

  3. dang, I wish I had thought of those excuses - they're good!

  4. This Bean, she's a smart one.