Sunday, May 04, 2008

Sunday Free Association

I say ____ :: you think ______.

Words posted weekly at Unconscious Mutterings. Anyone can play!
  1. State :: union

  2. Lively :: fun

  3. Valet :: concierge

  4. Traction :: tire

  5. Official :: seal

  6. Red hot :: candy

  7. Powder :: ammo

  8. Replies :: email

  9. Flagrant :: brazen

  10. Tweet :: canary

Nothing too revealing this week. I think it's interesting that I associate "powder" more quickly with ammunition than with babies or beauty. "Canary" comes from this joke:

Q. What does a 500 pound canary say?


Eh, not funny unless you can make the font really huge. And even then, not so much. Best told in person. Maybe to a child. Maybe by a child. Maybe I should just quit typing for now.


  1. I thought the answer to that was,

    Here, kitty, kitty, here, kitty, kitty.