Wednesday, November 05, 2008

The day after

At long last, here we have it.

A lot of sap and schlock is being written today about tears of joy shed last night. While neither of those things is especially my style, I have to say that where politics are concerned, I'm very pleased this morning. Moved, inspired, proud. Relieved. Hopeful.

All things it's been very, very hard to be for years now.

Those of us who lost a lot of respect for John McCain over these past months due to everything from his foisting Sarah Palin onto the national stage (thanks - not!) to putting dismissive air quotes around "women's health" (I'll never forget that revealing little gem - never) have reason to see much of it restored, after his gracious concession speech. Concession speeches can't be easy. They can't feel good. Senator McCain's showed real class, even if his booing audience could not.

Do I think Barack Obama will be a perfect President? Of course not. But he's going to be an extraordinary one.

At the very least, State of the Union addresses will no longer rank up there with dental surgery as unpleasant experiences go. Frankly, I'll shed tears of joy on that score alone.


  1. It will be a blessed relief to have a President who doesn't make us cringe with embarrassment every time he opens his mouth.

  2. Before you go shedding tears of joy over the next State of the Union address (really?), what happened to Kerry, the state income tax, marijuana possession, and the greyhounds?

  3. Hello anonymous. Re: SOTU -- if you're the same anonymous as asked if she missed the sarcasm in one of the comments on the "voted" post, well, this time you did miss the sarcasm. If you're not, well, you just missed the sarcasm ;).

    Kerry was re-elected, the state income tax stays, the marijuana decriminalization question passed, and dog racing has been abolished.

  4. I listened to his acceptance speech last night and just reveled in the coherence of it. The fluidity and competence in his cadence is damn near intoxicating. I AM actually looking forward to his SOTU.

  5. There's definitely a feel of "change" about the air....

    Obama has a even more of a very long road to travel now though....

  6. Every time I read another post about this, I get a little lightheaded and giddy. It's a great feeling to finally be on the winning side after slogging thru 8 years of crap.

    And I agree - Obama is not going to be perfect. I don't know anyone who thinks he will be. But what he will be, what I hope he will be, is someone who can actually get things done in a level-headed way, who will work with both parties and with other countries rather than just trying to ram his views down everyone's throats.

  7. I commented about the elevation of language in my reaction, too. Funny how important that can be.