Tuesday, November 04, 2008



My polling place is the Bean's school; Mr. S. works home on Tuesdays, so I'm usually there anyhow to have lunch with her (and the rest of the first grade, omg) and do some stuff for her teacher. Today I snagged us some cookies from the bake sale, bought an obligatory raffle ticket for something, and joined her in the cafeteria.

The kids are choosing sides, in their own way. Overheard:
"Obama's going to give us like TEN MORE HOURS of recess!"
"Who do you like? PLEASE don't say Obama!"
And my personal favorite, "I'd vote for Obama 'cause it rhymes with my favorite animal: llama."

After lunch I led her class back to their classroom, pausing to let elderly voters make their way through the line o'kiddos to get to the polls across the hall. It was a good day to have another grownup there as shepherd.

Returning to vote myself, I asked the poll workers how the day's gone. (It's the same old ladies every time; they always tell me (unasked) whether or not my husband has been in yet, as if he bears watching. Hm.) Steadily busy, they said. In this small town, that means no wait, but a constant flow of voters. They had a bit of a line in the pre-commute rush, and they'll have more in the after-work rush. But they much prefer that to knitting all day while hardly anybody comes, which also happens.

We use the old-fashioned, fill-in-the-arrow style ballots, which I really like. It's hard to do the wrong thing by mistake, but if you do, you can get a new ballot. No worries.

In addition to the national race, we in Massachusetts have someone trying to unseat Senator John Kerry (late of the Kerry-Edwards '04 ticket). Political views notwithstanding, I do think it's good for a long-time incumbent to have reason to at least pay attention around election time. The same thing's happening with our local state representative race, though the parties are reversed.

We also have ballot questions. One aims to eliminate the state income tax. Supporters of this wacky proposal say that doing so will not result in higher local (property) taxes, or an increased sales tax. They also don't think cops, schools, libraries, roads, etc. are essential government services. (In short, they are either patently stupid, or crazier than shithouse rats.) But they have an enthusiastic if short-sighted following, because the Massachusetts legislature was (by binding referendum just like this ballot question) supposed to have lowered our income tax years ago, and just never did it. People don't like to be ignored.

Question 2 seeks to decriminalize possession of an ounce or less of marijuana. It'd still be illegal, but wouldn't result in a criminal record. I'm inclined to favor this one.

Question 3 would abolish greyhound racing. This question has come up before, and if it doesn't pass, it'll probably come up again. I can't think of a reason why NOT to abolish greyhound racing, frankly. If half the things people say about how greyhounds are treated are true, then good riddance.

So there you have it.

How's voting gone in your neck of the woods? What's the buzz?


  1. Yeah, I voted. They gave me the day off and I figure it's the least I could do. So I voted. So what? It ain't gonna amount to a hill of beans. Course, I like beans. Been a while since I had a really good bean chili. Hmmm, chili...

  2. Don't dismiss those old ladies just yet. They may appear to be knitting, but they clearly have an eye for your husband. Perhaps they enjoy watching as he walks away? Do they sound disappointed?

  3. I thought everyone had today off! You guys had school on voting day?

    I love it. "rhymes with LLAMA"

  4. "I'd vote for Obama 'cause it rhymes with my favorite animal: llama."
    - that's awesome!

  5. I'm with Stepping - they held school with all those potential child molester voters coming through! The horror!

    Everywhere I've ever lived they close school for elections. It's a major pain in the butt for stay-at-home parents, imho, because then you have to drag the little buggers to your polling place with you or make extraordinary arrangements for them. The other arrangement thing is really tough when you're new in town and don't know anyone well enough with whom to leave the little monkeys (or the one person you would feel comfortable leaving the kids with went on vacation this week!). My husband stayed home from work so I could vote. He recognized how important it was to me. A miracle, I know. I was about 200th in line and was home in 1.5 hours. Not bad.

  6. "...all those potential child molesters..."
    - really? isn't that a little hysterical, or did i miss the sarcasm?