Sunday, November 09, 2008

Ten things I feel like I'm supposed to like, but I just don't.

1. The Counting Crows. I can't stand that guy's voice. Ditto Elton John.
2. Breakfast in bed. Hate it. You can't sit up properly, everything wobbles on the tray, it's just awkward and annoying and gah, don't bother, I'll get up.
3. Scarecrows. Why do people love making scarecrows? I can't wait to get rid of the one in my front yard. I half jump every time I catch it in my peripheral vision. Why yes, I am wound that tightly.
4. I'd say clowns, but I think it's pretty well-established that nobody really likes clowns. Why aren't scarecrows covered by that clause too?
5. Fried clams. I live on Cape Cod, I'm supposed to dig fried clams, but I just don't. Ditto lobster. Lobster is revolting. Would you eat a giant insect? Of course you wouldn't. Same thing.
6. Beer. I used to drink it, but I never loved it.
7. Music recorded live. The concert experience is one thing, but for listening, the sound's better from a studio.
8. Exercise. People are always on about how great it feels. Seriously? Where the HELL are these endorphins I keep hearing about? Where?
9. Opera. I love classical music, but opera still sends me running for the door.
10. Fruit flavored ice cream. Meh.

Your turn.


  1. 1. The Counting Crows? I've heard of them, I've probably heard them also, but nothing's registered. Elton's OK.
    2. I've never even tried breakfast in bed. I hate crumbs in bed. When we got married I told my spouse it was grounds for divorce.
    3. We really don't run across very many scarecrows here in Manhattan.
    4. What's the matter with clowns?
    5. We don't do the fried clams here in NYC. We put them in chowder--the white kind.
    6. Sometimes beer is good. Like with pizza, or spicy Indian food.
    7. Bingo! I hate it when I get a live song on Pandora. Usually it's significantly inferior to the studio version. I don't like the crowd noise, singalongs, and, the worst, when the band talks to the crowd.
    8. There are people who enjoy pain, so I guess it's possible to like exercising. I like finishing exercising.
    9. I don't run for the door with opera, but I do prefer orchestral work.
    10. Fruit flavored ice cream can be good. But not nearly as good as chocolate.

  2. YES! That is my ONE problem w/Pandora. I feel I shouldn't give a thumbs down rating to a live version of a song I otherwise love, because it might mislead Pandora into thinking I don't love the song at all, and I'll never hear the studio recording. But there doesn't seem to be a way to filter out live music.

  3. Ha. "Ditto Elton John". The funny thing is, I love Elton John's SONGS but not necessarily his voice.

  4. I enjoy beer. And your blog.

    But I loathe clowns. They are terrifying. That little kid on the etrade commercial really nailed it.

    Consider yourself blogrolled. You had me at hello. Or Cape Cod, really.