Wednesday, February 11, 2009

In my defense, I've never bought the parsnip chips.

So I stopped at Trader Joe's for extra virgin olive oil and inexpensive hormone-free milk today, and also picked up a bag of Savory Thin Mini crackers that I don't, strictly speaking, need, but which will come in handy.

I noticed that they still don't have soba noodles or chocolate gelato -- are these things gone forever? why? -- and that they newly don't have the fruit roll-up "ends and pieces" I had just started buying for the Bean. Sigh.

Then I came home and saw this:


Fortunately, our local Trader Joe's doesn't have that cart-stopping force field, or whatever it is (what is it, anyone know?) Unfortunately, it also doesn't have wine.

We do have more elderly ladies in bright white sneakers than beautiful Moms in yoga clothes, but that's probably a Cape Cod thing.


  1. I posted this the other day on my blog and I think I've listened to it half a dozen times now. It makes me smile.

  2. Our local Job Lots (yes, that *is* plural - woot!) have soba noodles in the food department. Stop & Shop has them too in the oriental section, but they're cheaper at Job Lot. I've tried both - there doesn't seem to be a taste difference between the two varieties.

    Job Lot also has a lot of the Bob's Red Mill grain products. I buy the flax seed meal. It goes into a lot of baked goods at our house. Try substituting about a quarter cup of it for flour in your favorite waffle recipe. It's amazingly good. I use the Alton Brown Good Eats "Basic Waffle Recipe" on the Food Network's website. (Do store the flax seed meal in the freezer, though. It has enough oils in it that it can turn rancid - freezing stops that from happening.)