Friday, February 27, 2009

winter whining... almost done edition

Waiting at the bus stop to pick up the Bean after school yesterday, the Peanut and I greeted a friend as she jogged past. She said, "Well! Summer must be coming, if you're outside!"

It annoyed me then, and it's still annoying me now. Partly because, hello? We walk at least to the bus stop and back twice a day, every school day, no matter the weather or temperature. Partly because her being outside running from dawn till dusk 365 days a year doesn't mean the rest of us are plopped on the couch watching soap operas or something.

I just hate feeling so observed, and inaccurately at that.

And yes, I'm fed up of not being outside very much because it's been so goddamn cold. I've been cold inside, cold outside, cold, cold, cold. It's gotten so I especially look forward to doing errands, because at least I'll be comfortable in the car, once the heat gets going. Sometimes I do turn up the thermostat at home, but the sound of dollar bills on fire gives me agita.

I'm tired of artificial heat, and static electricity, and air so dry my nose bleeds. I'm sick to death of fleece and closed windows. I'm sick of drinking a dozen cups of tea a day (fear not, it's mostly decaf) mostly for the sake of getting my hands around a warm mug for ten seconds... until they're cold again, and so is my tea. I wear warm socks, and my feet are sweaty... but still cold.

Fed up, I tell you.

The good news is that this week has been practically balmy, and Spring is around the corner. Hopefully my mood will catch up. If we get down to n-teen degrees again, I might have to point the car south and not stop till the thermometer reads 70.


  1. I can so relate. Around here, even when it warms up, it's so muddy and wet we still can't go out to play!! On the few warmish days we've had I've turned off the heat and opened the windows to air things out. But then yesterday happened. Started out in the 40s. Got up to almost 50. Then the rain started. Torrential rain. Then the thunder and the lightning all night long. And this morning when hubbz went outside to get hte paper, he almost slipped on the ice in the driveway. Currently I am watching snow flurries fall out my office windo. Pick a season and stick to it, I say... then move on and give us a new one!!

  2. I'm tired of wearing the same scarf every day. I finally went out and bought 3 new ones. It's really hard to look cute in the winter, ya know? (plus, all the other things you said!)

  3. I am WITH YOU, fellow New-Englander!!!

    I will say this though - if you want to feel better about our weather up here, take a short trip to the midwest and spend some time outside, preferably against your will. Getting off the plane back home will feel like spring!