Monday, August 17, 2009

I take it all back...

...about the swimming lessons.

The last few times I've been down to the lake with the girls, the Bean in particular has really impressed me with her comfort level and eagerness to "swim." She has her head in the water and her arms and legs moving around, and somehow makes forward progress for several seconds at a time. I can't call it swimming, exactly, and Lord help her if she were to discover she was in over her head during the attempt. But still: progress, when I thought there had been none. So, yay Bean!

The Peanut? She still prefers to just roll around in the wet sand, shake her paws off, and have people call her "Simba." But she'll get there.

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  1. My children had the same experience. One day, outta the blue, when they are finally ready, they just start swimming. Yah ok I thought of the deep in thing a few times too. That was more with my GSD who didn't like the water much at first.