Thursday, August 06, 2009


I'm watching out the window as the Bean and her friend J., who's moving away tomorrow, play on their scooters around the circle at the end of our street. The Peanut is on her scooter too -- a littler one, with two wheels in the back instead of just the one -- and she just can't keep up with the bigger girls zooming around. They're only a year and a half apart, but sometimes it really shows. Peanut, left in the proverbial dust at the end of the driveway, is watching for them to come around again. Her helmet makes her appear all top-heavy, and her legs are so skinny, sticking out the bottom of her skirt. She looks like a cartoon.

Oh, my little Peanut.

In a month and a bit, she'll get on the school bus with her sister for the first time. What am I going to do, with nobody to walk home with from the bus stop?

Cry like a baby, is what.


  1. The first time that I took Liv to kindergarten and realized that I had the WHOLE morning to myself, I felt very lonely. For about two days. And then I started loving it....

  2. Hey Mom, you are going to do what every good parent does, suck it up, put on your game face and have yourself a good cry when you get back home. And you will probably do the same thing every year for the next 15 or so. My wife wonders if we will do it again this year when our daughter enters her senior year in college. Putting on the game face gets easier, the parting not so much.