Thursday, December 31, 2009

Just once, in a very blue moon

A quick post to wave out the month, the year, the decade.  I am delighted that this New Year's Eve coincides with a "blue moon" -- a thirteenth full moon in a year (which happens because the lunar cycle is 29ish days and our calendar months have mostly more days than that.  Same way you sometimes get three biweekly paydays in a month).

I will be making some changes to the blog in the New Year.  I've started getting a lot of spam in the comments -- especially on the older posts, it's getting insane -- and it's taking too much of my time to reject and/or delete them.  So I think that beginning soon, I'll have to implement that word verification thingy.  I will continue to accept anonymous comments because some of my favorite readers post anonymously (though it would help distinguish you from other anonymous commenters if you used a consistent initial, or something).  I do hope you won't stop commenting for the sake of the word verification.  I have little enough feedback as it is.  Sniffle.

So - My very best to each of you, friends in person and online, and who comment, or who don't.  I hope your holidays were all joyous, and that having them over with is joyous, and that the New Year brings you all good things.  Here's to a blue moon and a new decade -- second chances and fresh beginnings. 


  1. dennis from dennis10:25 PM, December 31, 2009

    Happy New Year, Sandy.

    My word is dabless. Dabless?

  2. i love your blog. thank you for keeping it up.

  3. The key to using the word verification is to use if for a month and then let it go. I did that and it worked. At least for now...

  4. dabless--is when you complete a bike ride without dabbing. Dabbing is when you touch your toe to the ground to prevent a fall as in mountain biking. Don't dab on the turn. I shall comment as anonymous in NJ -yes good by to 09