Thursday, March 11, 2010

Kids are so weird

As I type, the Bean is running around the yard with an umbrella, yelling "CALL A DOCTOR!  CALL A DOCTOR!" at the top of her lungs.  It isn't raining, and she's in no need of medical attention.

Meanwhile the Peanut is upstairs in the bathroom in tears.  She got a new toothbrush today but she can't stand the thought of throwing away the old one.  "Will it go to the dump?  I don't want it to get burned!"  That's the down side of loving everything, I guess.


  1. I think she means Call a Doctor for Patrick Kennedy.

    Keep the tooth brush, make it into a cleaning tool for jewelry.

    Not so weird, well at least to me...

  2. Heh. Now Patrick Kennedy looks like someone who could use a doctor.

    Yep, we'll probably add the toothbrush to the growing stash of cleaning tool toothbrushes. No sense causing emotional trauma over these things (words to live by, Rep. Kennedy!).