Monday, March 01, 2010

Question of the Day

"When there's a two-hour snow delay, what time does school start?"

I'm going to assume the parent who asked this one had not yet had their coffee. Lord knows I've asked dumber things before mine.


  1. So funny that you ask this question, and oddly enough, it's really not as stupid as it sounds!! I, too, had to ask that question a couple weeks ago... and it was WHILE I was having my coffee!!! Even though I felt like an idiot, it really was a valid question for me... see, I live in the country and to ME, school starts when I put my daughter on the bus... I honestly had NO CLUE what time the first bell rang to start the day!! The good news is that NOW I do know (after 3 phone calls to equally confused parents)... school starts at 8:30 and I won't forget it again!!! lol =D

  2. Hey, when there is a two hour delay, who cares what time school starts, just get them there within a reasonable approximation of their normal start plus 2 and you are golden. That whole time compulsion thing gets real old when you hit 40 and by the time you are 50 you learn to not worry about it, and at 60 you set your own times. What are they going to do sit your kid on the eselbank for being off +/- 15 or 20

  3. Hi pj, welcome to the blog!

    @Anon: But... but... it goes on their Permanent Record! ;)