Friday, March 12, 2010


I feel like I didn't sleep at all last night, but went to bed and watched movies till dawn.  I had very bizarre dreams that I can't repeat, fraught with disturbing imagery and emotion.  Suffice to say that Dr. Freud would nod knowingly, and the sooner I forget them altogether, the better.

There were some less unsettling dreams as well, one of which co-starred George Clooney, but, sadly, is rated G.  In it, we were riding in the back of a limousine together.  I was the writer/creator of a high profile dramatic television series, and he was, well, George Clooney.  We weren't working together, just sharing a ride to the same work-related destination.  The limo was cruising alongside either the Cape Cod Canal, or the Connecticut River; there's a riverside stretch of country road in Hadley, Massachusetts that turns up in my dreams a lot, it might've been there.  Our conversation was easy and pleasant, as between friends who've worked in the same business for many years.  We got where we were going and said seeya.  I proceeded to go see a tedious children's play in which none of the actors spoke in a voice over a whisper, and I thought, "oh God, not another one of these."

And... that was it.  George Clooney appears in my dreams, and that was it.   Just another mommy dream, with its wistfulness for paths not taken.  If you're going to have a George Clooney dream, folks, make it more interesting than that one, mkay?


  1. mkay, can do, but mine will star either benicio d. t. or lenny k. or james spader.

  2. Your subconscious is telling you that being part of a professional relationship between competent peers would be more satisfying than sex.

    I think that's understandable.

  3. I have been having weird dreams too. I started taking B vitamins, I wonder . I never remember any of my dreams, but they have been really strange, that I do remember. The other day I dreamt that I was an adviser to Obama and I kept on telling him get off the one trick poney of health care and onto job, tax reform, the economy and all he kept on saying was health care was it --there aint no more. I kept on arguing that the tax code needs to be reformed. I was fired and Fox made fun of me, that horrid Hannity mocked me terribly. Tonight I am taking Vit Bs again.

  4. Well I ah err haven't had George in my dreams for some time. Maybe he dumped me cause I blog trashed his Oscar nominated performance in Up In The Air. Sorry, I found the humor trite and the premise of finding humor in unemploying people lacking a certain class.

  5. Anon - that horrid Hannity was born to sneer. He defines obnoxious, no matter whether one's conscious or not ;).

    Hi Troutbirder - I haven't seen Up in the Air yet; no need to apologize for not liking it. George appeals to me not so much because of his roles or his looks, but because he is by all accounts a decent well-mannered person, easy to get along with, and not hamstrung by ego. Joel Stein did a bit about him for Time magazine a while back, and if half of what he wrote is true, Clooney's just a good guy.