Friday, November 16, 2007

Dark Times

It's 4:17 PM as I type, and the sun is well on its way down.

I can remember a time when I didn't mind the shorter days, but in recent years I have felt it dragging me down some. High-latitude readers, help me out. What do you do to fight the blahs?

Also, here come The Holidays (dum dum DUMMMMMMM!). Not to be a total downer -- and this is probably a rotten thing to say, as a parent -- but just between us grownups? Christmas has become something I don't particularly enjoy any more. There, I said it.

I know, it's Not About Me.

And I don't mean to whine. Just to say to other folks whose favorite time of year this isn't: I feel ya. I do.


  1. I light candles everywhere in the house. I love it. Put on the fireplace. Do the cozy thing. Try it! It works! I swear!


  2. Cozy - that's a good idea.

    But I know what you mean about Christmas - this time of year, with all the holidays and expectations, I feel like I am strapped to the train tracks in the path of a powerful locomotive.

  3. I put on a lot of lights -- fortunately since I replaced almost all the bulbs with CFLs I don't feel eco-guilty about it.

    And yeah I sympathize about Christmas. Being the sole unmarried person, I end up doing a lot of traveling for the holidays -- and end up sleeping in the least desirable spaces (like the basement of my brother's house). Plus, being a bit of an introvert, being around relatives 24/7 for week with out a little time to myself to recharge makes me nearly psychotic.

    It's probably misanthropic, but I dream of a Christmas home alone, with a visit to friends for a few hours. Or at least trips to relatives where I can stay at a nice boutique hotel nearby.

  4. God...I'm with you. I really hate that Christmas is such a package fest every year. The truth? I wish that we could just celebrate with our friends for the holiday (our REAL family) and skip the family thing. But, we have to have Christmas brunch with my sister and her family and then Christmas dinner at Bing's sister's house.

    Makes me crabby. Bah humbug.