Monday, November 12, 2007

License Plates

I saw a rather horrid vanity plate here in Not So Far Away today. It said:


Now why would anyone want that on their car? Even if it's a joke or a spoof, it seems, I dunno, like bad karma (har!) to carry that label around. The car's windows were too darkly tinted (probably illegally so) for me to check out who might've thought that was a good idea. For whatever it's worth, the car was a white (Chrysler calls it "vanilla") Chrysler 300, which I actually sort of like, in a cool-but-not-my-style kind of way. Ironically, Chrysler's tag line for it on their web site is "Vanity plates would be redundant." Well. In this case, one hopes not.

The next one I saw: BOOK. Delightfully benign by comparison. Book, as in read a book? or as in bookin' down the highway? or, probably, the driver's name or nickname.

Plates I like, seen when I lived in California:

42N8 K9

I also remember seeing a plate that said "OVER IT," and thinking that nothing could more clearly broadcast that s/he isn't.

Unlike tattoos, I can imagine getting a vanity plate, if I ever thought of the right thing to put on one. Oh, and if it didn't cost anything. So, um, never. I guess I take it back. Maybe I am over it.

Ah well. Do you have a vanity plate? Would you get one, if they didn't cost anything?


  1. I wouldn't get one. But my father-in-law drives around with a license plate of my mother-in-law's name. Which is sweet for a couple in their 60s.

    *Hateful* is just awful. I'd be a little scared of that driver, especially with the darkly tinted windows. Just not a good message, kwim?


  2. I have GD2BQN (good to be queen), which I can see in my rearview mirror causes a lot of thinking. My husband doesn't love driving my car much...His Cobra has SPDRCR (speed racer); much more manly.

    I got mine because my name actually means "Crowned One" (my husband's means "Servant;" perfect, no?) and I enjoy the being waited on. It's not too much more expensive here to have vanity plates.

    This is a fun idea for a post - I might have to make notes around town...(I'll credit you :))