Tuesday, November 27, 2007


So proclaims my Peanut to everyone she sees today. Including the Bean's school bus driver, a lovely man who greeted the news with appropriate joy. And the FedEx truck driver. And various people walking their doggies. And the doggies. She's going to be a riot at the grocery store.

Well, it is her first day. If she's still broadcasting this bulletin in the new year, I'll tell her to cut it out.

But about time, eh? She's three and a half. I was beginning to wonder if toilet training would ever hold more than passing interest for her. She didn't seem as motivated as the Bean was. Bean also started at three and a half, but once she decided to go for it, she was done within a week. She used to cling to me for dear life as she sat on the Big Potty, but she was so determined. Peanut? She didn't care so much. She's definitely happy about it, but she didn't have such intensity behind the effort. She'd be smiling and singing when she used the potty, smiling and singing when she didn't. Either way was fine with her for a few weeks. So the Road to Underpants has been a longer one.

Either way, you get there. Needless to say, I'm quite proud; but I'm also pleased by what the process shows of their personalities. The Bean, we've been saying since the day she was born, is "such a serious Bean!" Of course she's also a very funny Bean, but it's clear she's got focus and determination, and gets joy from the results. The Peanut is perhaps more flexible. She's definitely not going to let anything get her down for long.

It is so cool to see their personality traits developing and serving them well in these and other endeavors. Today the potty, tomorrow, who knows?


Hm. Best put a change of clothes in the car, just in case.


  1. Thank you :). It's kind of hard to believe I'm done with diapers. It's been five years. (I know, that's nothin'. But still!)

  2. Well, I announce that to everyone too...I thought everybody did....


  3. And I go out of my way to tell people when I'm not wearing underwear.

  4. It never hurts to declare, either way.