Sunday, November 18, 2007

License Plates Again

So the other day I'm headed east on Route 6 (it's what passes for a highway on Cape Cod) and I came up behind this license plate, on an older Mercury Grand Marquis going about 40 mph:


and I thought, this'll be kind of funny if it's some ancient person driving around with 1 on their plate, like they got the very first one.

And it was. This veeerrrrry elderly couple was doing a convincing imitation of the first drivers ever.

Actually I think there's a lottery for low license plate numbers in Massachusetts, and it's supposed to be random, but an inordinate number of politically connected people end up with 'em.

You never can tell what some people will buy.


  1. LOL. That must have given you a good laugh :)


  2. ill bet they were in the passing lane too - haven't passed anyone since 1930, but they paid taxes once, so they must own the road.

  3. Thankfully no... they were in the right lane, and showing no signs of being anywhere else for the forseeable future :).