Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Even her nightmares are cute.

My Peanut woke at 4:30 this morning, sobbing and calling me. When I got to her room she was sitting up in bed, tears streaming. I did the routine pad-down... no fever, no vomit, no poop, no pee. All clear physically - ohphew. I climbed in bed with her, and she held on for dear life.

"What is it, sweetie?"
"I want ALL the Muppet Show monsters to go BACK. IN. THE MUPPET SHOW!"

Hm. Evidently there has been an escape.

"Did you have a dream there were Muppet monsters out of the Muppet Show?"
Nods. "I want them to go BACK IN THE MUPPET SHOW!!!"
"I hear you. You were dreaming, Peanut. Muppet monsters can't come out of the Muppet Show. What were they doing in your dream?"
"There was a green one, swimming in a PUDDLE in our DRIVEWAY!"
"It'd be hard to swim in a puddle."
"It's a BIG one!"
"Or a small monster."
"OK. Were there other monsters doing something?"
"They were in our garage looking for the big bicycles!"
"They wanted to ride our bicycles?"
"Those sound like monsters that want to have fun."
"One was swimming!"
"I remember. Peanut, those monsters aren't real, are they."
Shakes head.
"You know that even on the Muppet Show, the monsters are just toys that people play with to be funny."
Nods. Eyes closing.
"Are you ready to go back to sleep now?"
Nods. Grabs her little lambie and makes it kiss me on the cheek.

I'm dismissed... but awake. Sigh.

This morning we found all the bicycles where they belong. No harm done.


  1. That is very cute! My 3 (in two weeks) year old keeps waking up crying "Swipper! Swi - i - i -pper!" because her slipper has come off. Never mind that we've tried explaining that you don't need slippers on when you are sleeping, she won't go back to sleep unless her precious pink princess swippers are back on her feet where they belong. Arg.

  2. ha, i wish i had some bicycle seeking, puddle swimming monsters. that would be cool. and to top it off you got a lambie kiss! im jealous