Monday, January 28, 2008

State of the Union: Despondent, yet hopeful.

Is that possible -- to be despondent, yet hopeful?


Here's the thing: I can't watch the State of the Union address. It's not that I have anything else planned; on the contrary, tonight would be an ideal time to see if the television still works. All I've got is laundry to fold and bills to pay.

But I can't stand another one. I just can't listen to this President say one more damn sentence, even one that somebody else wrote for him. Not one more SOU, even his last. I would rather chew on tin foil.

I'll read the transcript, maybe it won't hurt so much that way.

For those who can take it -- those stronger than I, or those who think state of the Union is just dandy, or those sedated -- I think it's on at 9 PM EST.

Aw hell. Maybe I have a Valium kicking around somewhere.


  1. I've got Valium, but I'm not going to waste them on that. Probably would need something stronger, anyway.

  2. You know, it's funny. You "meet" people in the blogosphere, and they seem nice. Normal. Kinda like someone you'd like IRL. Someone with your values. And then, something political pops up, and they react completely and totally different than you. Their values are diametrically opposite from yours. It's shocking. That just happened to me.

    But not from you!!! You are on my page. Even though I am not American, I feel the same about your President (who has powers over me and my life, too).

    Not sure why I am blabbing about this...maybe because I think a change is desperately needed in the US.

    All righty, then. I'll leave your comment space alone now!


  3. Yeah. I'm with you on this one. I cannot express how much I'm looking forward to NOT hearing his voice on the news daily. I'm also looking forward to having a president who speaks in grammatical sentences (especially when not reading from a teleprompter).

    (FWIW - red Swingline staplers are available from ThinkGeek.)

  4. I didn't watch. His poor elocution drives me insane. I can't listen to him speak for more than a sentence or two before I'm screaming at the television. I did consider a "GWB's LAST State of the Union Address EVER" party, but the kids weren't up for it. :-) We went to bed instead.

  5. I watched until I couldn't stand watching his minions leap to their feet to applaud madly one more time.

    I mean, good hell...give me a fucking break.

    Applauding this man? WHY???

  6. I really wanted to watch.

    It makes me feel educated, engaged and patriotic to sit down and watch the State of the Union each year.

    But I just couldn't.

    Not enough ice cream or wine in the house to get me through it.

  7. I didn't watch either. I haven't watched any of his addresses. I'm not big on politics...either they are telling the truth or they aren't...either they are working hard to represent the people or they are working hard representing the people who pay them. And holy smokes is this Pres. going to have a helluva pay day when he's finished. It really makes me angry that he is not only set for life, but until the day he dies he will be Mr. President. So much for the Baby Boomers changing the world. Oh, wait, he did change a few things.

  8. I'm watching The West Wing now... and sometimes I wish that was the real thing, and the real thing was just a funny show...

  9. Dirty little secret: I never could watch the State of the Union for more than a few minutes, even during that brief, dark period in my life when I was a registered lobbyist. All that whoop-di-dooing and wild applause every other sentence is excruciating! W has, I think, caused permanent damage to my ability to say "nuclear" without having to think twice, too. Grrrr. Where has the art of elocution gone?

  10. I didn't know anyone actually bothered to watch it. As for feeling educated, engaged and patriotic - I'll donate blood, plant a tree, etc while reading the federalist papers.

    True enough, "The West Wing" was very well written, until the last season. It is sporadically on Bravo now.

  11. I watched it. You didn't miss anything. When he said "nu-cu-lar" my brain just about imploded and I started shouting at the television and it all went downhill from there. But then I watched Keith (My Boyfriend) Olbermann and Chris Matthews get all snarky and all was right with the world again.