Monday, January 14, 2008

How hard can it be?

Mr. S. is working from home today. He's a physical oceanographer. When he works on his research, his desk brings to mind one of those New Yorker cartoons of scientists' blackboards covered in equations. Today is especially intriguing; there are numbers and squiggles all over the place, and graphs on the computer, and all kinds of incomprehensible stuff. No words.

After Bean and I got home from the bus stop, she came into the study to say hi to her Daddy. She climbed on his lap, surveyed his desk and screen.

"Are you working?"
"Yes, Bean."
"Can I help?"
"I don't think so, sweetie."
"Please can I help?"
"Can you solve for the adjustment of an isolated lens in the presence of ambient rotation?"
Shakes head. "I know how to solve problems, though."


Later, in comes the Peanut. "Daddy, may I please have a jelly bean?"
"If you can solve for the adjustment of an isolated lens in the presence of rotation, you can have a jelly bean."
Silence. "Well, how do you spell that?"


  1. Hey, at least she didn't give up right away :)



  2. Your children are hilarious.

  3. Inappropriate to content, but same same.....

    Zippy's brother is an ocean geologist, works out in LA. Will Berleson. Wonder if Mr. S knows him....?

  4. Gee, it almost makes me want to have kids myself.


  5. At least he lets them come in and bug him. When Bing is working from home, you would think she was a famous brain surgeon using our dining room table as an operating table.

    She's writing music at the table.

    And we are TIPTOEING.

  6. Whew! *I* can't even spell that...

  7. I could use someone who knows how to solve problems at my office.