Thursday, January 03, 2008

"Should we talk about the weather? Should we talk about the government?" (-R.E.M.)


It's cold as a witch's tit. That covers the weather.

And holy crap: CNN's projecting Huckabee and Obama won the caucuses in Iowa.

The Romney campaign, which spent boatloads of money there, has to be bumming. Unclear how big a blow it is though. The evangelical business might not be so gleefully received in New Hampshire, which conventional wisdom says is Romney territory. Although, all major newspapers in the area have endorsed John McCain. So who knows.

Obama's campaign organized babysitters for potential caucus goers. Smart. John Edwards appears to be #2, with Hilary Clinton trailing him by just a bit. So maybe there's a clear winner for the Democrats, but no clear loser.

Iowa can mean everything or nothing, but shoot, a Huckabee/Obama race is a no-brainer.

You know, in another life I would've loved to be a professional politics junkie. Ah well, another path not taken.


  1. Who do you think will take the democractic nomination?? I'm curious. I thought it would be Hillary, but maybe European press has skewed things...


  2. Hillary certainly had the air of inevitability about her. I think the single most important effect of the Obama victory in Iowa has been to burst that bubble.

    Now there's no telling what'll happen.