Sunday, March 02, 2008

More things that make me feel old.

My annual ob-gyn checkup now includes a... (fearing tmi? you can quit now)

...rectal exam and a mammogram.

Also, calcium supplements* were recommended.

Yet I still have all the hassle and, let's face it, considerable monthly pain, of being probably fertile. I asked if the words "elective hysterectomy" ever come into play in her office, and she just said, um, no.

OK then. Contraception and calcium.

She's saving the incontinence talk for next year I guess.

*take calcium supplements with Vitamin D for better absorption. And, as with many things, brand name supplements are a waste of money. Generics are the same product, just as effective. Unless you dig those Citracal radio ads, in which case, go ahead and pay for them.


  1. It is so frustrating to me that, even though my body can apparently make no more babies, it is still going on with that monthly nonsense. Turn it off, already!

  2. I kind of want the elective hysterectomy myself. I tried to get them to just take the uterus when they took the last kid out, but it was a no go. Catholic hospital and all (which is also why I couldn't get my tubes tied during the c-section).

    But if you want the birth control pills that you take for three months (no periods for that time!), they tell you that you "may be" too old for hormonal contraception to be a good idea. Sh!t.