Friday, March 21, 2008

Still Knocked Flat

I appear to have moved from the sinus headache phase to the really sore throat phase. Still very tired. Aside from standing up just long enough to shower, dress, and feed the girls, I've been unconscious till mid afternoon today, when I woke up feeling still rotten, but somehow more solid, not quite afraid of falling over anymore, and I can think more clearly.

So that's some progress -- just in time to notice the Bean was shivering uncontrollably, which is how I started. Poor Bean. I hope she doesn't get hit as hard. She has taken over my place on the couch, requested Mozart (!) and her stack of library books. I think she'll drift off. The Peanut, as yet unaffected and ever jubilant, has retreated to the playroom where I can hear her singing and playing trains.

I'm so sleepy.

Headline on The Onion page-a-day calendar page that I was using as a bookmark in The Outermost House: "Texas Environmentalists Lobby For Solar-Powered Electric Chair." Hee!

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