Monday, June 18, 2007

"Finding Neverland"

Waldorf: That was a sweet number.
Statler: It sure was.
Waldorf: Only one problem.
Statler: eh?

Finding Neverland (2004, so I'm only three years late to this one) is a lovely film based on the story, set in 1904 London, of author J.M. Barrie's growing friendship with a young widow and her four sons, and the creation of the play Peter Pan. Johnny Depp is fabulous as Barrie (and probably the reason I put this in my Netflix queue in the first place), and Kate Winslet perfect as the widow. Dustin Hoffman hits just the right note as Barrie's backer, and the supporting cast, including the four boys, is great. Finding Neverland delivers a charming mix of real events and games of make-believe, as ideas for "Pan" start to come together in Barrie's imagination.

Some of the real events are sad ones, and this movie pulls hard on the ol' heartstrings.

It's just... well, I hate that.

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