Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Wheee, I bought a yacht! OK, no I didn't.

One of my favorite things to do with the girls is to hang out by the Cape Cod Canal and watch boats. Recently we had a picnic there with some friends (hi, friends!) and we saw this one. (We didn't take this picture... would've held out for a view that included the lovely aft decks, myself.) It's a beautiful boat, owned originally by the guy who started Lands' (sic -- that apostrophe irritates me no end) End, which is why I say I bought it, ha, ha.

Wonder what the L.L. Bean folks are sailing these days.


  1. the best way to buy a yacht. who needs the finance hassles of something (i assume) costs more than a house.

    thanks for the comment back at my blog. i do read a lot, but it may seem like more than it is because i accumulate little nests of notes before i finally post about the books. also, my secret is teen fiction. it reads fast. also, i read on the bus and at break times, so i get in at least a half hour a day.

    when i turned 40, the folks already in this decade assured me it's the best yet.

  2. Not to mention the staffing hassles! Ah, the canoeing life for me.

    Teen fiction would be a helpful preview of what my daughters will be reading in a few short years, too. Good idea.

    Here's to our 40s!